Server Rack Pet-Project: Wheels

Now that I have got my cool rack assembled I noticed the mess it made on my floor. Unfortunately, I was so busy cleaning it right away, that I didn’t take any pictures of it.

26kg of an empty rack, which most likely is going to be something like 40kg once filled, on my parquet… with screws’ heads scratching it and leaving marks. What was I thinking?!

I need a solution, fast or it’d be difficult to use it…

So I found these cheap wheels:

They do have a caveat, which was well hidden by the manufacturer on their website, only 2 out of 4 are rotating 360, and the other 2 are FIXED ?

But even with these little wheels, it is scratching and leaving marks on the floor:

marks left by those crappy wheels
marks left on some cardboard to protect the floor

So I need to protect the floor properly, still have found a solution but maybe a plastic mat (the one used for the office chairs) would do the trick…