Work Experience

Platform Engineer


2022 – Today


Senior Software & Cloud Engineer

Radical Storage

2020 – 2021

Working on IaC, GitOps, Cost Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting.

AWS (CloudFormation, CloudFront, ECR, ECS, Route53, S3, SQS) BDD CQRS DDD Docker Go Kanban Microservices PHP

Chief Technology Officer

2016 – 2020

Working on new strategies to, continuously, improve the quality of the technical projects and make the internal process leaner. Took charge of the whole IT architecture in a very short time and built a team from scratch for the Head Quarter in Rome. Worked directly on the optimisation of the architecture in terms of uptime, on the implementation of a geographical nodes redundancy in order to manage any downtime on the Data Centers, on the tech stack upgrade process (dated 2013), on the optimisation of the loading times, and on the implementation of the GDPR Policies.
Managing the interactions cross-teams by facilitating the different phases: requirement analysis, epic/story planning, estimation and forecasting, execution, delivery, and follow-up.
Introduced several approaches and methodologies: standup meetings, retrospectives (internal and cross-team), Gantt and burn-down charts, issue tracking system (Jira), support tracking system (company-wide), deployment summaries, kanban board, planning poker, no estimates (not fully adopted), team capacity planning.
Chief Technical Officer and Lead Developer, Software Architect, Agile (SCRUM, XP) Facilitator, System Administrator, and Recruiter.
Projects:, Ripetizioni,, SOS Studenti

Ansible Apache AWS (EC2, Polly, S3) Docker Swarm ElasticSearch Foreman Galera GitLab GitLab CI Jira Kanban Kubernetes MariaDB MaxScale Nginx Packer Percona Proxmox (on bare-metal) ProxySQL PHP React Native Redis Symfony 3 Terraform Varnish

Lead Developer & Owner


2015 – 2017

Created an aggregation platform for programming courses and events, in many countries, focused on developers. Took care of all the product aspects, from the IT architecture to the planning, and the implementation of marketing and sales strategies, from the scouting process of providers, clients, and partners to the management of the relationships, from budget management to the hiring process in several areas.
DXpertise is an IT training course aggregation platform that allows developers to find the best courses available on the market. The platform is made by developers for developers with the aim to increase the knowledge level of each one of us in order to make the whole industry better, more challenging, more qualified, more satisfying, and more fun! Want to prove yourself and get better? Join us, we are going to help you achieve it.

AdWords Capistrano CSS DigitalOcean ElasticSearch HTML5 Mandrill MariaDB Microdata & Microformats MixPanel Nginx PHP 7 RabbitMQ Redis SEO SparkPost Symfony 3

Senior Software Engineer

2015 – 2016

Learned the internal processes and technology stack of in order to replicate it to and mentor the team who was working on the project. We’ve managed to work on a restyle of the UI and write from scratch the whole codebase. The whole team managed to learn new approaches such as code reviews, kanban boards, morning standup meetings, and advanced tools such as Apache Thrift, Capistrano, GitLab, Grunt, PHP 7, Symfony 3, WebPack.

Apache Thrift Capistrano Code Review CSS GitLab GitLab CI Grunt HHVM Kanban Board MariaDB PHP7 Standup Meetings Webpack XHProf

Senior Developer


2013 – 2015

Introduced some improvements related to the internal technical processes, especially adopting agile methodologies, unit, and functional tests, and advanced code versioning. As a tech lead on some internal projects, I’ve taken care of several phases of their lifecycle such as requirements gathering and estimation of the user stories, code-reviews, and post-releases retrospectives.
Some of the clients I dealt with: Autotrader, Trader Media, Golden Pages IE,

Agile AngularJS Apache Bash CSS Code Coverage Datawarehouse HTML JavaScript Jenkins Jira MariaDB MongoDB Pair Programming Phalcon PHP PHPUnit Profiling REST Selenium Unit Testing Zend Framework

Senior Developer


2012 – 2013

Worked in a team to develop a cutting-edge real-time statistic system, then, after a few months, I became the Lead Developer of the project, reporting directly to the CTO. My everyday duties were basically technical project management, product planning, and code development.
Some of the clients I dealt with: ModelZone, Staples, Chemist Direct.

Agile Apache AWS Bash CSS Code Coverage HTML JavaScript Jasmine Jira JSON­RPC MongoDB MySQL PHP PHPUnit Redis REST SCRUM Unit Testing XHProf

Web Developer / Project Tech Lead


2010 – 2012

Working as Lead Developer on a big project, reporting directly to the CTO. My everyday duties and responsibilities were basically technical project management, customer relationships, internal/external training, team management (3 Developers, 1 Art Director, 1 Sys Admin, 1 Account, 1 Quality Assurance), and code development.
Some of the clients I dealt with: San Raffaele, Policlinico Campus Biomedico, Samsung.

Agile Apache CSS Code Coverage HTML Hudson JavaScript Jira Joomla MySQL PHP Selenium Symfony Unit Testing XP


2003 – 2012

Working on showcase websites and custom web applications, interfacing directly with the clients, and taking care of every single step of the development, from the kick-off to the delivery of the projects.
Some of the clients I dealt with: Studio Baggio, TBS srl, Good Night and Good Luck, OCE srl, Cilia Bus, Comet Expo.

Apache Bash Capistrano CSS GIT HTML5 JavaScript Jenkins Microdata & Microformats MongoDB MySQL NodeJS PHP Profiling Redis REST SEO Silex Static Code Analysis Symfony WordPress

Web Developer


2008 – 2010

Working on the development, from scratch, of the front-end side of a user management system integrated into all the websites in the Excite network and deployed in 6 different countries (UK, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Italy).
Main activities:
– Management of channels Video, Bynight, MIX, and Blog of Excite
– Creation of a user management system (frontend side) for Excite
– Maintenance of the sites of Excite Europe Network, the Network NanoPublishing, and corporate sites
– Maintenance of a system for tracking ROI

CSS Functional Testing HTML JavaScript Joomla MySQL MySQL Pair Programming PHP PostgreSQL Python Selenium WordPress Zend Framework

Web / Software Developer



Managed and maintained two live core products, one e-commerce website, and one traveling online community.
Main projects:
– StockInformatica (
– ItalianCamper (
– NoPayZone (

Access DB ASP CSS E­Commerce HTML IIS JavaScript MySQL osCommerce PHP Visual Basic WordPress

Web Developer


2005 – 2006


Hardware / Software Consultant


2004 – 2005

CSS Hardware HTML Visual Basic 6


Computer Engineering

University of Rome Tor Vergata

2005 – 2007

Degree Not Completed

Computer Science

High School

2000 – 2005