2021 – Save Yourself From A Disaster @ PUG Roma

The only certain thing is that it’s not a matter of IF there’ll be a disaster but rather WHEN, so better be not caught off guard. I’ll show and guide you through the details of each step I took to make my websites disaster-proof while keeping my cloud spending on a tight leash (so you could do this too).

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2020 – Badge Poser v3.0 – A DevOps Journey @ PUG Roma / Codemotion

Sharing the whole journey experience. Starting with the handover of the keys of the pandora box, wandering around the deep dark forest of uncertainty and instability of the rushed deployed systems. Trying to declutter and reach a stable stage where order reigns over chaos, where the poor guy can finally sleep at night and the pager eventually goes silent for a while. In the end, we’ll be reaching the so-desired level of confidence to not be worried about experimenting, changing things, and upgrading infrastructure.

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2020 – Infrastructure as Code @ Radical

how to version changes and sleep soundly

2019 – How to Survive the Day @

A bunch of pills about it.

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2019 – IT Metrics in Real Life @ PUG Roma

It’s all about measuring, and that’s just the easy part. The hard part is focusing on what really matters.

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2016 – Performance Optimisation @ PUG Roma

A little introduction to different techniques useful to optimise and improve your website performance.

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2013 – Unit Testing @ IOVOX