About me

I’m Fabio, a Passionate Solutions Architect and Application Developer with ~20 years of experience. Always enjoying creating quality web applications and web portals using cutting-edge technologies.

Throughout the years I’ve worked in different markets and industries, covering different roles, here’s a quick summary of my career path:

  • Freelance, allowed me to be comfortable working with the UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) side and improve communication with the clients.
  • Employee, gave me a huge experience in team and company dynamics, it also helped me to grow on the technical side by using different stacks, frameworks, and methodologies.
  • Startupper, increased my flexibility and versatility, by covering different topics such as marketing, sales, management, financial planning, accounting and bookkeeping, and much more.
  • Chief, responsible for the whole IT area: from the physical infrastructure (mixed bare-metal and cloud servers) to the application architecture (web and mobile), from Projects Management to IT Recruiting, from writing procedures and policies to their implementation (eg. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation).

Thanks to my background, I’m totally confident working either alone or in a team, remotely or on-site, in building web applications and web portals by following the best practices with particular attention to Maintainability, Scalability, Reliability, and Performance.

Working in several positions, from Software Developer to Frontend/Backend Developer, from Sysadmin to Team Leader, allowed me to work on each layer of a web application, covering the whole life-cycle from initial requirements gathering to design, planning, coding, testing, documentation, deployment, and maintenance.

During my tech career I’ve managed to build these core strengths:

  • Tech Stack Flexibility
  • Productivity Orientation
  • Work Passion
  • Continuous Learning
  • Problem-Solving Mindset
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Software Maintainability

Constantly looking for opportunities and challenges to improve my skills while providing creative and high-quality solutions.

What do I do?
🛠 Automate (a lot) · ⚡ Optimise (whenever possible) · ♻️ Refactor (rinse & repeat)

What do I work on?
🏢 Architecture · 📦 Containers / VMs · 🚀 Deployments · 🏗 Infrastructure (bare-metal / cloud) · 🚨 Monitoring & Alerting · 🚥 Pipelines

What could you call me?
Automation Architect · Build & Release Engineer · Cloud Engineer · DevOps Architect · DevOps Engineer · Software Engineer · Solutions Architect

What other roles did I cover?
Chief Technology Officer · Frontend Developer · Lead Developer · PHP Developer · Freelance/Startupper · Technical Project Manager