Past Year Review (2020)

The end of the year has come, so it’s time to look back and sum up what has happened and what has been achieved.

Let’s say that everyone would like to forget 2020, what a year! 2021, let’s jump into the unknown.

Following my previous New Year’s Resolution, I’ve continued with the same kind of schedule and process, with some adjustments along the way.

I managed it good enough, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’ve got satisfied with my achievements.


These are the “rules” I’ve implicitly followed without actually define them at the beginning. So basically there were no explicit rules, and that made it easier for me to commit to a huge plan.

  • I have no pressure whatsoever
    • I can add/switch/cancel tasks at any time
    • Use Thanos Gauntlet every 2 months, and half the items in the list
  • I have to define an outline
  • Plan items on the calendar (optional)
  • No notifications
  • Skip stages and focus on kanban approach
  • It’s my own personal planning
    • Tend to spend as less as possible, so not to feel guilty about it
    • Not squeeze every minute to advance with the task
    • Define Top 3 Priority for the week
    • Max 3 tracks in any given time
  • Track percentage progresses
  • Highlight Personal vs Career items
  • Since colour feedback is important I’ve used the following (loose) ranges to give me more confidence
    • <25% is red
    • <65% is orange
    • >65% is green


Next Year

I’ll keep doing the same kind of planning, with few more adjustments.

As a brief outline, this would be my 2021:

  • Become father for the second time
  • Crawl out of my house (damn you COVID-19) and start doing some exercises.
  • Create a couple of workshops
  • Crowdfunding and writing v2.0 of 10x SE.
  • Launch a Newsletter
  • Mentoring
  • Obtain certifications about Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform.

Let’s see how it turns out. Stay tuned ?