Server Rack Pet-Project: UPS (Part 1)

Now that I have something that is network-connected and which I could use finally, it is time to make sure it has continuous electricity to keep things stable.

I picked another deal and managed to get an APC Smart-UPS SC450, with almost new batteries (just 6 months old).

Say “hello” to the new member of the club:

Let’s connect the batteries, which were disconnected for security
Since I didn’t manage to connect the cables from the front panel, I open it all
and did a quick open-heart test 🙂
Let’s put the UPS in his place…
But now the drama begins… It touches the back of the rack!!!
I don’t want to disassemble everything again!
I need to move the vertical axis a little bit towards the front
OK, structure is now ready…
A little bit of slots rearrangement, but only temporarily…
Still too damn close, I can’t plug the cords.
This is where I regretted a wall-mounted rack, I had to remove all the screws from the back panel.
This will never allow me to close the back lid.
There you go, this is no good.
Also, the bracket is too short and the surface to support the weight is very minimal
Even flipping it vertically wouldn’t change much. And anyway, vertically in a rack?! I mean… eww
1 hour of sweating after… not even when working out… Let’s call it a day…

So I was disappointed and couldn’t continue anymore, so I just order a bunch of adapters from Amazon with Prime delivery the day after.

Time to rest now, I resumed the day after, stay tuned for the second part.