Server Rack Pet-Project: Cabling

After having configured the firewall, I needed to have one extra cable to plug it to the switch in order to connect my laptop to the network. (Un)fortunately I ran out of spare ethernet cables, so I took advantage of this to learn how to make one.

I went to the shop and bought 2 meters UTP RJ45 cable, a crimper, and some connectors. Then, started the “fun”…

I knew roughly how to make one, but the important part about the order of the colours I had to google it a bit, I used this as reference:

How to Setup an RJ45 Pinout? – Anderson Corporation

I didn’t follow the crossover reference, as I didn’t need to connect two device directly together (more details here).

Not all the cables were working right away

After making a few cables I was finally happy to have this missing skill covered, I still don’t remember the colour order by heart but I guess it is ok to check at the reference picture ๐Ÿ™‚