Server Rack Pet-Project

This will be an unusual pet project compared to the one I’ve always done as a programmer.

Since I started to get more involved in the infrastructure side, and later in cloud-native, I was always happily dealing with server configuration, process optimisation, provisioning, infrastructure-as-code, and so on.

This time, I still felt the need to keep going on with pet projects, the current three I have at the moment (badge-poser, go-proxy-cache, nginx-lua) were not in line with the kind of skillset I’ve been missing for quite a while. So I jumped into a hardware pet project, instead of the classic software ones.

I got inspired by TechnoTim and Patrick, a former colleague of mine, who triggered me a long time ago about it.

This time I’ll be assembling a rack, I’ll put whatever comes to my mind into it. I’ll be starting with the rack, then all the networking bits, the 2 raspberry I own at the moment, and all the hard disks and try to make some sense out of it.

This post will be the official kick-off of this open-ended project, the format most likely will be a picture journal of all the suffering I already envision on my path.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be quite a ride…


  1. Initial Assembling
  2. Wheels
  3. Switch
  4. UPS (Part 1)
  5. UPS (Part 2)
  6. KVM
  7. NAS
  8. Firewall
  9. Cabling
  10. Proxmox