Save yourself from a disaster #10: Play with Providers

This is the tenth part of the series Save yourself from a disaster: Redundancy on a budget.

Try to experiment and find the right technology.

This guide won’t cover everything, it won’t be a comprehensive guide, and the steps that are shown need to be carefully reviewed and tested in your development/pre-production environment. I don’t take any responsibility for any damage, interruption of service nor leak/loss of data for the use of the instructions in the ebook (nor from any external website I’ve mentioned).

For example, now that you have everything in containers you could migrate to Kubernetes, or maybe to cloud-native solutions for containers like AWS ECS, GCP GCE, Azure ACI, or even to serverless (since AWS allows to serve traffic from a docker image).

Is it better AWS or maybe it is more convenient Azure or GCP, don’t fall into vendor lock-in: mix them up. Yeah but then they don’t play along out-of-the-box, who cares? Make them work FOR you, you might need to spend some more time to get it right, but in the long run (it’s always about the long run – if you focus on now just don’t experiment and run for covers) you’ll get the benefit of ALL the services they can offer to you.

It doesn’t have to be a big player, great solutions can work also from not-mainstream providers. I’ve had experiences with bare-metal, AWS, Contabo, Hetzner, DigitalOcean, Aruba, TransIP, Scaleway, Linode, FlareVM, Heroku, Linode, OVH.

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