Browser Fingerprinting: There’s no place where you can hide

The EFF, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, did research about the users’ privacy and how it is possible to identify the user in a quite unique way.
The concept is based on gathering as much information as possible, like user agent (browser and version), resolution, plugins installed, timezone, language, and so on to create a message digest to identify the user / user’s device in an accurate way.

This means that disabling the cookies is not enough to avoid this kind of identification. So you can still be a target of web tracking, mainly for marketing and commercial purposes.

The full article is available at “A Primer on Information Theory and Privacy“.

So fascinated by this experiment I’ve tried to create just for fun something similar to generate a “unique” fingerprint.

You can test my version on JSFiddle.

You can check the code here below:

But if you only think all the information the Google has got during the years based on what you have done on Internet, it’s enough to track and predict your behaviour without too many problems and put at risk your privacy.